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2 years ago

durch: Katie

Verification has officially been launched! There are three types of stamps: Content Partner, Verified Member, and Pornhub Staff.

pornhub cpp To receive the Content Partner stamp you need to be a member of our Content Partner Program. This is reserved for Studios that produce and upload their own content (ex: Brazzers and Mofos)

pornhub staffTo get the Pornhub Staff stamp you have to be lucky enough to work with me in Pornlandia! But seriously, you can ask us for any help or assistance you may need around the site.

pornhub cpp Any user can be become a Verified Member. To do so head on over to the Verification Page and submit a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper with your username and pornhub.com written on it. No digital text is allowed.

Here are some examples:

You can use a photo you already have or take one with your webcam directly on the site:

I hope to see your submissions soon!


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