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Tila Tequila
Who doesn’t remember the first time they got absolutely schmeistered off of Tequila? It stays with you forever, just like the first time you shoved your hands down your pants while watching the fantastic Tila Tequila do her thing. That’s an ejaculation that can go down in history, and we don’t care if you’re a dude pulling your jerky or a chick fingering your taco. Tila owns her scene nowadays with numerous shows and TV appearances and specialty sex films. She’s both a Maxim Girl and a Playboy Bunny, she does Reality TV and she’s a businesswoman, and she’s cutting musical tracks and writing books. Tila Tequila is an empire builder and we want to see her stock soar. But getting back to basics, this Singaporean Sling slut tops our charts for all the best reasons first. Who could resist that dark South-Asian skin tone? Those Anime Eyes? Those perfectly round boobs and that tight body squeezed into stretch jeans? With her recent title "Tila Tequila Backdoored and Squirting", it’s a sure thing that she has no plans to let serious business get in the way of serious hardcore banging and orgasmic live action awesomeness. She may be the hardest working babe in all of entertainment today but she is committed to her fans, and us Pornhub junkies are committed to supporting her in everything she does. In the meantime, let’s support her by watching her get naked and bang the hell out of the luckiest dudes in the world.
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Größe: 5 ft (152 cm)
Gewicht: 97 lbs (44 kg)
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