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Who's available in or near Pittsburgh right now?
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I need a big fat cock deep inside my tight little pussy. I need a daddy to fuck me like whore. Tie me up and blindfold me, make me your lil cum slut daddy. My pussy is so wet right now I wanna feel your long rod pound me from behind
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19 minutes ago
What do you guys think of a one night stand?
I have got mixed feelings about it, so I want to know how you think about it.
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19 minutes ago
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23 minutes ago
Would anyone watch my video if i make one?
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May's Fan Appreciation Contest Is Now ON!!!!

The Second Fan Appreciation Raffle Contest Is On! 

 Win A Chance To Get The Little Oral Andie Experience! Okay y’all here is the official launch of my second Fan Appreciation Raffle Contest! You can come and get the Little Oral Andie oral treatment with me and have the whole experience filmed and uploaded for the PH community! Winners will come and get to meet me, photos of me performing my oral skills on them, and be featured in a video for PH. This raffle is open to all subscribers; men, women, and couples are welcome! 

To be entered, simply send $10.00 USD for each ticket to my paypal at: littleoralandie@gmail.com and put "raffle" in the message box. There is no ticket limit, the more you purchase, the better your odds! Winners will be drawn when all the tickets have been sold or when the raffle ends (whichever comes firsts). The winning ticket will be drawn randomly and will NOT be announced on PH due to privacy reasons. It’s recommended that you only enter if you can make the trip to NY to meet me.

There will be no expiration to the winner so even if its next year, you can redeem your prize. As a side consolation prize, if you are unable to make the trip but still want a Little Oral Andie experience, you can choose a live Skype show or custom video instead. Let’s get this raffle off to a great start, y'all asked for it and here is your chance!! Raffle ends at midnight May 15, 2016. Winner will be notified via email within 24 hours after the end of the raffle.  

Check Out March's Raffle Contest Winners Video Below:

Good Luck To Everyone! 
As always,
Much Love to y'all!
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52 minutes ago
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fuck my pussy

I want somebody to bend me over, spread my ass wide open and fuck me hard!! I want to cum all over your cock!
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truth or dare

You get to ask me *Up to 5 Questions!!* , no matter how crazy, inappropriate or just random and I promise to try to answer them 100% truthfully (With the exception of my address phone # or other things not wise to post online) ....now I dare you to repost this and see what people ask you.....
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New Video Upload In Progress!!

Ok, you win!

You all have been blowing up my inbox and email in anticipation of my first ever fan appreciation video!!  So uploading now is my first ever “Fan Appreciation Raffle” winner video!!! Stand by shortly for the video and the announcement for my second ever “Fan Appreciation Raffle Contest!!”  

All My Love
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Just sitting around tonight, might have sum fun
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story time with katie

These are the true stories of my foray into phone sex. I love feedback and will write you back. I started doing phone sex as a joke and on a dare. Since I stayed at home, I joked that I could do phone sex for extra cash. At first, this seemed really crazy, but the more I thought about it, the more rational it seemed. The hunt for a phone sex job was on. I asked my more adventurous friends if they knew anything about it. Finally one of them told me to check out the ads in a few local trashy magazines. The more research I did the more fascinating it became because I realized that as a woman, you can call almost any phone sex line and talk for free. In other words, work for free. These types of phone sex lines work like a group conference call. The women call in for free and the men pay through the nose. The drawback is since the women call in for free, if they don’t talk to the men they will get kicked off in a hurry. You can keep calling back, but you better talk. I thought this was really a rip-off for the women. I mean, after all, they were working for free and the phone sex company didn’t have to pay them a cent to entertain the men that called for $3-$8 dollars a MINUTE! I decided that before I took a paying job for phone sex, I should research it. I began to call the phone sex chat lines to get practice. The first time I called, I had to stumble my way through the operator. I explained to her that I was calling for the first time. I was a woman. I was interested in phone sex as a job. Before I could go further, she cut me off and told me that she would connect me to the chat room and I had to say hello. Ding. I hardly dared to breathe. I listened and then a warm, male voice said, “Hello, I heard the tone, what’s your name?” Name? Name! I hadn’t thought of a fake name to use and was silent a few moments before blurting out Karen, or Sharon, something like that. My heartbeat actually rose and I started to blush. How silly is that? Anyway, the man said, “My name is John. Tell me what you look like, Sharon.” He wasn’t being bossy but at $6 bucks a minute I guess he wanted to just cut to the chase. Wearing? Wearing! I hadn’t thought of a sexy outfit to wear. While frantically trying to think of a sexy outfit while sitting there in a frumpy housecoat, I mentally listed the things I had learned so far. Decide on a fake name BEFORE you start. Decide on a sexy outfit BEFORE you start. My research was already benefiting my future job ability. “I’m wearing a black teddy,” I said breathlessly, mostly from stage fright. “Mmm, with high heels?” John asked. At this time, I heard heavy breathing on the line. There were other people listening. I had almost forgotten it was a party line. “Yes,” I replied, “Black high heels, um, 5 inch heels.” I added this lamely. I looked around my messy bedroom, laundry everywhere. I didn’t even know where my high heel shoes were, much less would I be wearing them at 11:00 a.m. But what the heck, it’s a fantasy right? The heavy breathing got heavier. Whoever that guy was, he was easy. John, my phone sex party line mentor man, said, “Tell me what you look like Tammy.” Tammy? I thought my name was Sharon, or Karen. Oh well. Look like? Look like! I hadn’t really thought about that one either. I guess I took too long to answer. John repeated the question; he was really very patient. Realizing that my delayed, unsure responses were lame, I tried to do better. I responded in as sultry a voice as I could. “Mmm, I have long brown hair, sparkling brown eyes and a mouth that always smiles.” The heavy breather on the line with us began to pant. I began to enjoy it and continued. “I’m a touch over 5’6” and have a curvy body with large breasts. My ass is nice and full and velvet to touch.” I was going to go on but John interrupted. “What do your breasts look like?” From the heavy breather there was an, “Oh yeah, boobs, suck those boobs…” and then more panting. I had to squelch the desire to giggle. Thinking of the corny bodice-ripper romances that I hate to admit reading, I said, “My breasts are firm and full, a good hand-full, you could take one in each hand and squeeze it and play with it. The nipples are big and jut out, a pretty rosy color.” About this time, my cat began licking his nether regions in front of me and I had to nudge him with the bottom of my foot. Another bout of giggling was threatening me. Right after that, I heard a loud click. “John? John?” I asked. Where had John gone? The heavy breather was still there though. I didn’t know what to do next. That is when I had the first phone sex epiphany, if you talk, they will cum. And, it doesn’t matter what you are saying. They just want to hear a female voice. So I continued my dialogue with the heavy breathing guy. “Hey, heavy breather?” I asked coyly. “I bet you are stroking that big, hard cock right now aren’t you? Stroking it and jerking it and feeling so good? “ Paydirt! The guy’s breathing became downright ragged with little grunts interspersed with moans. “That’s right, stroke that hard cock, pull it and work it.” Heavy Breather let out a groan. I could visualize the cum shooting out all over his hand, dripping down his cock while the phone was pressed to his ear. “Thanks that was great hope I catch you on again names Brian bye.” Click. I hung up too. Wow. My first research into phone sex had been a hit. I had learned a lot too. Make up a name, have a few sexy outfits in mind, pick out a body to describe and no matter what, keep talking. Not bad for a first time phone sex session. I decided after a few more freebies, I would begin looking for a real paying phone sex job. Yippee. I wondered what had happened to John, but after being in the business a while, I learned that once a guy cums, he is gone. No pillow talk at $6 bucks an hour and I don’t blame them! I hope you enjoyed this look into phone sex. I love feedback
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New video

Made a new video. Go check it out. It's in my playlist. Hope y'all enjoy it.
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1 hour ago

Thank you:)

Thank you for all the lovely comments and overwhelming messages and requests! Y'all are awesome xoxo
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1 hour ago
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